Names Jasmine, i'm 20 years old...currently going to Med school. I'm simplistic with an edge, i cuss A LOT & idgaf (as you can see i'm trying to stop) i older so i'm a little wiser. I love talking about relationships, since now a days REAL ones are hard to come by. I used to give a fuck about what people said about me but now i give a fuck less. One of the realest things i've heard is " people are going to talk about you rather you doing good or bad" -Rhianna ps i LOVE that BAD bitch. I laugh to keep tears away, smile to keep love alive. I don't trust ANY, i believe bitches and dudes ALWAYS have hidden motives behind EVERYTHING. Most people cant keep up with my lifestyle, i get drunk scream "BAD GIRLLLLLSSSSS then other nights i can be chilled sippin on something lady like with the cutest giggles. I've had my heart broken so that happening again my biggest fear, but that's perfectly fine I'm just living life right now. So you want to know the real Jasmine Lavona...welcome to my world ; )

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I’m baccccck

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"so i went into good will to see what all the hype was about in cali about these stores when i first walked in. Not to be rude but i thought that, i was out of place like i didn’t want anyone to see me. LOL but as i looked around everyone seemed normal, i begun to look through the clothes and things i saw ALOT of cool shit mayneee. (: i saw things you would normally buy for 29.99 or such for 3.99 -__- deff not gna lie i copped it. IDGAF shwagggg, mad shit you can put together & they are name brands"
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